Troy's Fangirls are the most extreme version of Troy's fans. Some go to extreme lengths to try and impress Troy and look up to him as a god-like figure. While not all of the people that like and respect Troy are "fangirls" a good amount of people that blindly follow him and worship his every action are Troy "fangirls", despite the fact that Tom is far more superior.

While Troy is not hated by the community, most people despise the Troy fangirls who always seem to be obsessed with him and talking about him 24/7. They also share a common belief that if they follow in his footsteps precisely they will turn into antoher Troy.

The fangirls go very far in their "Troyism" beliefs by going to lengths such as joining WorldWides at least 12 hours a day to find him, making Troy Miis and using them in an attempt to get some of his luck/skill, message Troy every hour to try and get a reply, glitch and perform unnecessary strats and then claim they are alright since Troy uses them, have nerdgasms when watching his videos, creating Wikia's based on him, attacking offenders by calling them "Idiot D*ck Biscuits"  and other means of unncessary beliefs.

Troy fangirls are not be confused by Troy's fans who simply like his videos and get amusement, but would not go to the farthest extremes in order to turn into or appease him. Subscribing and liking Troy's videos alone do not get you the status of becoming a Troy fangirl. True fangirls need dedication into making every conversation revolving around Troy, hating everyone who does not, and bothering irrelevant people with hundreds of facts about Troy.


 -Troy fangirls usually cannot handle jokes made about them (such as this page).

-Troy fangirls can easily form mobs in an attempt to convert non-Troy fangirls into their cult.

-Troy's opinions on his fangirls are currently unknown.

-You have approximately a 1 in 9789324689239032483204932048320942380423 chance of meeting Troy in a WW since he rarely WWs and the Troys discovered are imposters (to the dismay of the Troy fangirls).

-The author of this article is not a Troy hater, but simply does not like the overratedness provided by the Troy fangirls and their pointless shenanigans.