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The current profile picture of TWD98.

TWD98 is Troy's personal YouTube channel. The profile picture consists of a blue background and a wavy chequered flag and writing on it saying Troy 98. He has over 500 videos and over 140,000 subscribers on Youtube.  

The content on the TWD98 Youtube channel is mainly Mario Kart Wii and CTGP Revolution videos, with the occasional Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. video. 

Associations Edit

On many occasions the channel will feature Troy's friends or other people in the MKWii community. These are just some but not all the people featured on Troy's videos: 

  • Justin 
  • Colton 
  • Connor 
  • Matt 
  • Michael 
  • Josh 
  • Sword of Seals 
  • Wrath 
  • Venom 
  • RedFalconGames 
  • Justin's wife 

Origin of the Number 98 Edit

Troy stated in a video that the number 98 came from a high score on a karaoke machine, which no one has been to beat. This is why his channel has become associated with the number 98, and why it is considered a lucky number. 

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TWD98's old profile photo