Rate that Custom Track (often abbrevieated as RTCT) is a series on the TWD98 YouTube channel where Troy and Justin rate 3 custom custom tracks per episode (4 on some occasions) on a scale from 1 to 5. (Usually they deviate from the standard ratings)

Troy and Justin normally "explore" the tracks, often resulting in the discoveries of hidden areas and major shortcuts and glitches.

Normally, tracks are rated very harshly in a comedic fashion (such as Justin taking off points for a lack of Piantas, Yachts, or even Oil Slicks).

The first episode was uploaded on September 25, 2011, and has spanned 4 seasons, totaling to 20 episodes (including the Heart of China bonus episode). It was announced that a fifth season is on it's way in the bonus episode "Heart of China".

Because of Justin's busy schedule, Sam from RedFalconGames guest starred in the latest installments of RTCT (episode 21 and 22). However, Justin returned in episode 23.

Troy released a RTCT T-shirt in order to raise funds to attend Justin's wedding in Hawaii. However, the goal was not met, making him unable to attend.